ROGIK Exterior Wall Cladding Systems Inc.

Approved and well trained wall cladding contractor specializing in the application of high performance materials to ever changing building concepts.

We take pride in being the Certified and leading installer in Ontario of Cemfort NG-12 manufactured by Arkea Inc., a Canadian Fiber Cement manufacturing company based in Quebec.

An approved EIFS / STUCCO Installer of Adex,  a leading Canadian manufacturing company in Architectural Coatings.

Also, Approved and pre-qualified installer of AL13 Architectural Systems, a North American company that Specializes in Aluminum Composite Wall Panels.

And many more….

Our mission is simple: Inspire, Innovate and Build to Satisfaction, Excellence Beyond Imagination.

ROGIK Exterior Wall Cladding Systems proudly recognizes the power within it’s employees and staff to quality work and a burning desire to move the company to greater heights, enjoying the recognition by most top construction companies as an enviable producer of exceptional quality service.

Our construction team strives to deliver the highest standard of quality work on time. 

Excellence is our commitment which set us apart as the leading company in exterior wall cladding systems.

                                                                                                                                            Who We Are - Local 249 Carpenters Union